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PhD in Strategy

Over the course of the five-year doctoral program focused on strategy, you’ll explore how companies develop and sustain competitive advantage as you prepare for a faculty position at a top university. Gain interdisciplinary insights to enhance your research, working collaboratively with renowned faculty within Ross and across the University of Michigan. 

Cha Li
At Ross, I was not only equipped with the methodological skills needed to carry out high-quality research, but was also encouraged to pursue big questions in my field. The easy access to top-tier faculty members in other disciplines, including economics, sociology, political science, complex systems, etc. helped add to the depth and breadth of my thinking. Additionally, I benefited greatly from the efficient teaching training at Ross, which allowed me to accomplish my teaching responsibilities and still focus on research as I transitioned into my faculty position.

Strategy PhD Students

PhD students in the Michigan Ross Strategy Area are trained in rich, interdisciplinary theories and rigorous empirical methods for understanding why businesses behave as they do and what the consequences of those behaviors are for society.


Strategy PhD Program Structure

As a PhD student in strategy, you will take two years, or four to five terms, to complete the 16 to 20 course requirements. Courses, some of which are taken outside Michigan Ross, include: 

  • Economics, organizational theory, psychology, sociology, or decision science (5–6 courses) 
  • Methods (5–6 courses) 
  • Strategy applications (6 doctoral seminars, plus seminars in related areas) 


You are expected to complete a research paper by your third year in the program. 

You are expected to take a Preliminary Exam by the end of the summer of your second year. You will qualify for candidacy after you have successfully completed all coursework, passed the Preliminary Exam, and completed your research paper. The remainder of the program is devoted to the dissertation.

For detailed information about the Strategy Area's Program Structure, please refer to Strategy Area PhD guidelines.

Strategy PhD Faculty

Michigan Ross strategy faculty include some of the world's foremost business thinkers and innovative practitioners who focus on issues of importance to global business strategy. 

Associate Professor of Strategy
Strategy Faculty Doctoral Coordinator
Professor of Strategy
Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
A.F. Thurnau Professor
Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration
Professor of Management & Organizations
Professor of Strategy
Harvey C. Fruehauf Professor of Business Administration
Professor of Strategy
Co-Director of ICOS

Learn more about the faculty and research contributions of the strategy area at Michigan Ross.

Recent Strategy Placements

Reuben Hurst, 2023    
University of Maryland

Diana Jue-Rajasingh, 2023    
Rice University

Mana Heshmati, 2023    
University of Washington

Christine Choi, 2022
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Raji Kunapuli, 2021
Southwestern University

Cha Li, 2021
University of Texas at Austin

Harsh Ketkar, 2020    
Bocconi University

Saerom (Ronnie) Lee, 2020
University of Pennsylvania

Casidhe Horan, 2018
London Business School

Gareth Keeves, 2018    
Startup founder & CEO; University of Michigan (lecturer) 

Sara Ryoo, 2018
SUNY Binghamton

Guy Shani, 2017
Michigan State

Heewon Chae, 2016
Arizona State

Gainluigi Giustiziero, 2015
SKEMA Business School

Heeyon Kim, 2014
National University of Singapore



Initial Placement


John Chen

University of Florida


Na-Eun Cho

Clarkson University


Pranav Garg

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore


Sun Hyun Park

University of Southern California


Bo Kyung Kim

Southern Methodist University


Vivek Tandon

National University of Singapore


David Benson

Brigham Young University 


David Zhu

Arizona State University


Anne Bowers (Fleischer)

University of Toronto


Aradhana Roy

Industry placement


Benjamin Cole

New York University (visiting)


Francisco Polidoro Jr.

University of Texas at Austin


Puay Khoon (PK) Toh

University of Minnesota


Zheng (Jane) Zhao

University of Kansas


Aldas Kriauciunas

Purdue University


Alexander Sleptsov

Tulane University


Charles Williams

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Anne Parmigiani

University of Oregon


Nandini Lahiri

Indian School of Business


Samina Karim

Boston University


Bradley Killaly

University of California, Irvine


Karen Schnatterly

University of Minnesota


Glenn Hoetker

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Daniel Byrd

Stanford University


Juan Alcacer

New York University


Glen Dowell

University of Notre Dame


Current Strategy PhD Students

Join the next generation of scholars preparing to solve the complex issues facing the strategy field.


Eklovya Jain 
[email protected]


Trissanne Keen 
[email protected]


Kyle McCullers 
[email protected]

Brenda Myung

Brenda Myung 
[email protected]


Aseem Sinha 
[email protected]


Akshaya Varghese 
[email protected]

Alice Wang

Alice (Can) Wang 
[email protected]

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