Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah Zimmerman

  • Lecturer Business Communication
  • Lecturer of Executive Education

Contact Information

(734) 764-9866

Sarah Zimmerman teaches Business Communication at the University of Michigan. Research interests are currently in the role of design in the way we work, but she was brought to UofM for previous research in international business topics and persuasion. Other education work involves top leadership at the following: a community college network in the Midwest, an elite private primary/secondary school in the Middle East, and as trustee for one of the largest virtual academies in the US. Her work outside of education also enhances her teaching. Just prior to Ross, she was vice president for a global economic development firm focused on Chinese investment into the Midwest. And at the early stages of her career, she served at a pro-trade lobby group and in USIA global democratization efforts through a network of NGOs. 

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