Communicating in a Virtual World

Course Code
BCOM 710

2.25 hours
OMBA or Evening MBA

Communicating in a Virtual World --- Vision, leadership, and execution all ride on the back of communication. Communication is the vehicle for your goals, your vision, and your expression of the organizational culture. This course will help you recognize the business communication challenges within a virtual world and further develop your formal and informal written, oral, and presentation communication skills when communicating as an individual or as part of a team. As a class, we will examine best practices and consider factors that can improve successful communication. You will learn how to improve the clarity and strength of your virtual professional communication through the application of communication frameworks and the opportunity to give and receive feedback. The course focuses on three components of a successful communication strategy: 1. understanding and establishing credibility with your audience 2. building a persuasive and compelling case for your ideas 3. managing the virtual communication context This course is designed to build your professional style and executive presence. Every class provides opportunities to apply new skills to business and personal contexts. Our goal is to assist you in becoming effective leaders by building your communication skills. Many subjects help you with your job; business communication is critical to helping your career.