How to Engage with the Admissions Committee

A student talking to a panel at Michigan Ross

As we approach the final weeks of 2023, a year filled with more than 140 virtual and 80 in-person events worldwide, I find myself reflecting on the invaluable interactions shared while recruiting for our Full-Time MBA Class of 2026. Amidst the highs of these engagements, I've also encountered moments that had room for improvement. In light of these experiences, I believe it's time to offer some tips on making a lasting impact with the admissions committee — the decision-makers who will shape the destiny of your application.

Be Prepared, Yet Authentic

It’s crucial to approach conversations with the admissions committee equipped with stories about your background, your passion for pursuing an MBA, and what sets the Ross School of Business apart for you. But here’s the twist: Keep it real. Avoid sounding overly rehearsed to the point of delivering an intense elevator pitch. Instead, let the conversation flow naturally and weave in your stories where appropriate. We can always recognize genuine passion when we encounter it. Let your true self shine, making our interaction not just informative but genuinely memorable.

Respectful Time Management

Being aware of the time you consume during these interactions speaks volumes about your self-awareness and ability to work well in teams. Whether you're physically in a queue or navigating a virtual sea of raised hands, be mindful of your fellow applicants. Keep your questions to a manageable few, allowing others the opportunity to speak. This will create an inclusive and beneficial experience for everyone involved and illustrate your consideration for others.

Dive Deeper with Specific Questions

We all start with the basics — the usual questions about the application requirements, admissions process, and tuition. But your questions will make you stand out when you focus on your specific interest in Michigan Ross. What courses spark your curiosity? Which clubs, initiatives, or competitions align with your passions? Are there any professors you’re excited to learn from? By asking about the specific resources that resonate with you, you're not just expressing interest; you're showing genuine dedication to pursuing an MBA and your search for a program that aligns with your aspirations.

Be Present, Be Engaged

When you attend our events, whether in person or virtually, being fully present is more than a courtesy — it's an opportunity to maximize your experience. Leave your camera on during virtual interactions and resist the temptation of your phone at in-person events. Being engaged enhances the atmosphere for everyone and ensures you gain more from the shared insights. Remember, attending an event isn't just about ticking boxes or securing application fee waivers; it's about discovering if our program and community are the right fit for you.

Interact with Everyone

Picture this: you're at an admissions event, and there's more than one friendly face — admissions officers, students, and alumni all sharing their Michigan Ross stories. Beyond focusing on the goal of getting in, take a moment to interact with everyone present. This action will show your commitment to truly understanding the Ross community from every angle. Plus, positive engagement with multiple stakeholders increases the positive feedback you’ll receive on your candidacy. And don't underestimate the power of networking with your fellow prospective applicants! Beyond sharing tips during the application process, these connections often evolve into a supportive community that transcends school boundaries.

In conclusion, interacting with the admissions committee requires a combination of all the above elements in a way that feels right for you. By embodying these principles, you will increase your chances of leaving an impactful impression as well as contribute to a positive and constructive engagement environment for all prospective students. Remember, every interaction you have with the Ross admissions committee and our community is a chance to shape your candidacy.

I hope these insights can guide you to a meaningful and impactful exchange with the Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA Program admissions committee in 2024 as we continue our recruitment efforts for the Class of 2026.

Good luck, and Go Blue!