Cambia Health Solutions

Portland, OR
Project Goal

Develop strategic priorities to support sustainable membership growth and market leadership.

Faculty Advisors

Greg Lewis
  • LEO Intermittment Lecturer
Greg Lewis is a Lecturer in Business Administration at the Ross School of Business. He currently teaches Strategy 609: Healthcare Strategy, and...
Ari Shwayder
  • LEO Lecturer of Business Economics and Public Policy
Ariel (Ari) Shwayder is an economist, strategist, and consultant who has worked with clients and students around the world to help them think...

More MAP Successes

Seattle, WA
Build a product spec and drive the product implementation for a customer growth and churn prediction engine for AWS Lambda.
Sunnyvale, CA
Develop a strategy to manage Google's emerging market currency risk.
St. Louis, MO
Build a new near-core product or service business for Boeing.