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Choosing Learning over Job Search: How I Bagged My Dream Job at Ross


When I started my Master's in Supply Chain program at Ross, I was constantly bombarded with advice from seniors and peers to prioritize my job search over my studies.

Shubham Saurabh, MSCM '23

While I initially tried to follow their advice, I soon realized that I was sacrificing valuable learning opportunities in the process.

That's when I decided to shift my focus back to my studies. I immersed myself in all the major subjects, including manufacturing & supply operations, applied business forecasting, and others. Through my coursework, I gained a deep understanding of all the domains of supply chain.

But I didn't stop there. I also participated in several case competitions, such as the Corporate Counseling Case, Climate Challenge, and Tesla Strategy Case. By interacting with diverse students from all over the world, I developed a holistic approach to problem-solving.

My dedication to learning paid off when my team won both the Corporate Counseling Case and Tesla Strategy Case competitions. And as I continued to focus on my studies, I started receiving interview calls from multiple MNCs.

Despite the pressure to prioritize job interviews, I never lost sight of my commitment to learning. I prepared for the interviews while also attending classes, lectures, and completing assignments. Thanks to my determination, I was offered a job at Tesla and am still in the recruiting process with another company.

Looking back, I realize that my success was due to my dedication to learning. By choosing to prioritize knowledge improvement over job search, I was able to excel academically and professionally. And the support of my friends and colleagues from Ross Consulting Projects, Kearney, and various meet-and-greet events made all the difference.

So if you're a student facing the same dilemma, I encourage you to prioritize your studies. Don't let the pressure of job search take away from the valuable learning opportunities that will ultimately set you up for success.