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Five Members of Michigan Ross’ Full-Time MBA Class of 2022 Featured As ‘Real Humans’ By Clear Admit


Clear Admit highlighted five students from the Full-Time MBA Class of 2022 at the Ross School of Business in its “Real Humans of MBA Students series, which seeks to provide insight to prospective students on the real people in MBA programs.

The Ross MBA Class of 2022 comprises 358 students, of which 43 percent are women, 50 are first-generation college students, and 36 percent identify as U.S. students of color. 

The ‘Real Humans’ featured from the Ross MBA Class of 2022 are: 

Nathan Alston, a Virginia native who spent seven years in the nonprofit theater and music performance industry and whose long-term goal is to pursue a marketing role in the entertainment industry


Nick Broady, a healthcare technology consultant from Denver, Colorado, who worked at Deloitte for five years



Anindita Ravikumar, a former social impact consultant from Mumbai and Bangalore, India


Dimitri Esteban Alejo Giraldo, a former brand manager for Latin America at Uber, originally from Colombia, who also co-founded and ran his own startup that bridged college students’ and universities’ class schedules through a web-based software application


Amelia Brinkerhoff, an Ann Arbor native who has worked on strategic sustainability challenges across public, private, and nonprofit settings — including leading corporate sustainability projects at Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group



Each student featured by Clear Admit answered questions about why they are pursuing their MBA at Michigan Ross, their advice for prospective students, and what excites them the most about their first year in business school. 

For Alejo Giraldo, the choice to attend Michigan Ross came down to its action-based learning curriculum and how his learnings would be able to help him foster transformation in his homeland of Latin America. 

“I aim to unlock the potential of people and businesses to reshape countries in Latin America for the better with tech and social business. Ross has what I need to learn, integrate, and enhance those competencies and values, while also obtaining results right away,” Alejo Giraldo told Clear Admit. “With the action-based learning and the community-driven principles, I can test and accrue real-time experiences.” 

My conversations with Rossers increasingly made me feel like this was the type of place where I would be supported and challenged.
-Amelia Brinkerhoff, MBA ’22

Ravikumar echoed how action-based learning was one of the reasons as to why she chose to pursue her MBA at Ross. 

“Michigan Ross’ MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Project), student-run venture funds, and clubs provided ample hands-on learning opportunities to explore industries and roles I was interested in,” she said. “I want to draw attention to MAP in particular where students spend 8-10 weeks solving a real business problem for clients where you are treated as professionals – this is as good as a second internship for MBA students.”

Students shared how welcomed they felt by the Ross community during the admissions process. 

“Throughout the admissions and application process, I was able to connect with 23 different Rossers, both current students and alumni. I found these individuals to be friendly, curious, collaborative, and humble. Those values are big for me.” said Brinkerhoff.

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