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How a Media Agency Adapts to Digital Transformation


Focusing on talent is critical for media agencies to successfully adapt to digital disruption, according to a new white paper

Ross School of Business researchers recently worked with Harmelin Media to study how the media agency model has been transformed by digital disruption and what agencies can do to position for success.

In an overview of their report written for Think With Google, Michigan Ross Professor of Technology and Operations M.S. Krishnan and Harmelin Senior Vice President for Innovation and Marketing Brad Bernard identified some keys to adapting successfully.

“The researchers’ most important conclusions focus on the seemingly simple act of hiring people,” they wrote. “Recruiting and retaining strong talent is crucial for any agency, all the more so during this era of swerving digital behaviors. For Harmelin, hiring people who not only understand data, technology, and the digital space, but also have certain ideal personality traits, is all important.”

The authors also discuss other key points to successful digital transformations, including giving everyone a seat at the table and embracing flexibility. 

“By embracing digital transformation and adopting new ways of doing business, agencies will set themselves up for long-term success,” the authors conclude.

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