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Learn About the Exciting Developments at the Sanger Leadership Center at Michigan Ross


The high-intensity Leadership Crisis Challenge and innovative Story Lab organized by the Sanger Leadership Center at the Ross School of Business are among the most popular programs of Michigan Ross students and the top reasons why students have said they chose to attend Ross.

To continue accelerating student development and raise awareness of the importance of leadership at Michigan Ross, Sanger recently launched a handful of new leadership development programs and communities. The new offerings — which include a program on supporting women to be influential leaders and a way for students to earn a credential for their leadership exploration — are aimed at engaging Michigan Ross students and faculty, as well as the greater University of Michigan community and beyond. 

“The Sanger Leadership Center is constantly looking at what programs and experiences we can create to advance student learning, support impactful scholarly research, and engage the top business leaders from around the world,” said Jeff Domagala, managing director of the Sanger Leadership Center at Michigan Ross. “We are excited to launch these new offerings, which we believe will help students develop and showcase their leadership skills, amplify our faculty expertise, and further connect our center with the university and business communities.”

What’s new from the Sanger Leadership Center at Michigan Ross

Michigan Ross Leader Endorsement: Michigan Ross Leader Endorsement is a micro-credential designed to recognize the accomplishments of all Ross students who devote a large portion of their time at business school to becoming better leaders. This includes attending Sanger’s flagship programs and engaging in campus leadership opportunities such as club leadership, taking a leadership elective, and completing a reflective capstone requirement. Students complete the requirements at their own pace during their degree program, and the program helps students integrate learning insights from across these experiences into a meaningful and coherent leadership development journey. 

Additionally, completion of the endorsement helps exemplary student leaders signal their value to the marketplace (including with a Linkedin Badge, resume line, and tassel at graduation). Read more in this blog.

Sanger Leadership Journey: To further support student development during their time at Ross, Sanger has also developed a new guiding learning framework to help students get the most out of each of their leadership experiences on campus and beyond. The five-step Sanger Leadership Journey framework aims to make the executive coaching experience more accessible by empowering students to coach themselves and improve their leadership skills in every activity at Ross — from coursework to clubs and internships. The framework helps students understand how to set an intentional and recurrent practice of setting behavioral experiments to try out new leadership skills, getting feedback on one’s leadership, and setting new experiments to try out.

Women in Leadership: Women in Leadership is a skill development program that is sponsored by General Motors Co. The program’s goal is to provide space to increase agency, amplify women’s voices, and work with women and allies to overcome barriers.

Leadership Dialogues: To better connect some of the world’s foremost leaders to the Michigan Ross community, Sanger has launched a new speaker series. Each Leadership Dialogue is a dynamic, fireside chat event featuring an accomplished industry, political, and non-profit leader  discussing the latest ideas in organizational research and ongoing practice with U-M faculty. 

In April, Sanger hosted Mary Barra, chair and CEO of General Motors Co., and Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever, joined for a virtual session in June. This term, Robin Washington, board member of companies like Alphabet, Salesforce, and Honeywell, and former chief financial officer of Gilead, will be joined by Ross Professor Yesim Orhun on Nov. 11 in Robertson Auditorium and on a virtual livestream. To register for the event, go here.

Research Lab: The Sanger Research Lab was launched to accelerate the creation and dissemination of cutting-edge leadership research. The lab provides an inclusive community for scholars from across the university (representing fields from medicine, psychology, marketing, management, and more) to share and receive feedback on early-stage research. The lab also offers research support, such as research assistantship and research fellowships, to faculty and PhD students. The members of the Sanger Research Lab are clearly making an impact — their publications have garnered over 285,000 citations.

At Sanger, we believe anybody has the capacity to develop their leadership skills. We look forward to helping students on their leadership journeys at Michigan.

Lindy Greer, Sanger’s faculty director and professor of management and organizations at Michigan Ross


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