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Living Business - Who We Are, What We’re About, and Why You Should Join

Jordan Chung, BBA '22

By Jordan Chung, BBA '22

Living Business (LB) is a residential Theme Community dedicated to the curiosity and love of business. What that means is that we like to incorporate some of the Michigan Ross learning experience into the space we live in. 

This has been anything from resume labs in the hall to private conversations with the Ross dean. Being a residential community also means that LB is a place where you can meet (and live with) diverse people with similar interests. Here you can find a family with the same fervor for business as you! 

What we’re about

The transition into college can be hard, especially the transition to business school. It’s unlike any other subject you may have studied in high school and navigating Ross on top of the new college landscape can be… intimidating. Living Business understands, and we felt the exact same way coming in, so our goal is to make that transition much easier. Being in a hall with other business students not only connects us with a common interest, but also gives us the comfort of navigating the complex landscape of Ross and U-M together. 

Here is what some of our residents had to say about their Living Business experience:

“Living Business has helped me make friends, meet like-minded people, navigate Ross in a different light, and feel more comfortable” - Shrey D.

“Living Business has given me people and resources that I can reach out to for help and guidance. We are always able to help each other out and truly create a community” - Allie J.

“Knowing that I have an entire group of friends on my floor is something special. Most freshmen only know a few hallmates, but we get to feel like a small Ross community, making the transition to Ross and a big university much easier.” - Grace L.

About Your Resident Advisor - Why I Chose Living Business:

Jordan (left) and Rebecca H. (right)

Hi, I’m Jordan, the living business RA. I’m a BBA in the Class of 2023 and I love snowboarding, the beach, food, and (of course) Michigan Ross!

Last year was Living Business’s pilot year, and being the first LB resident advisor, I saw huge potential for what this community could become. I felt that LB was the opportunity that I wish I had my first year. 

Being a first-generation college student, I found it difficult and quite intimidating to navigate the business landscape. All my hallmates were engineers, and I saw the supportive community they were able to build with each other (working on homework together or talking about classes). Sometimes I wished that I had other business majors in the hall that I could turn to for help and share my experiences with, like they did.

That’s why I chose LB, because I want to create a community that feels like we’re on this Michigan Ross roller coaster together and because I want to give the next line of first-years the opportunity I didn’t have.

Other Reasons to Join Living Business

Every month, we have a community-building event. Some are business-related and some are just for fun! In the past, we've gone to a Detroit Tigers game, talked to the Michigan Ross dean at a town hall, went on the Big House field, and completed volunteer work at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Some of these events are created by LB residents, so you can see their own ideas come to life next year as well. These events are an integral part of what makes Living Business special and they're always something to look forward to!  

Here are a few LB residents’ favorite event memories:

Anson L. (left) and Brett P. (right)

“My favorite moment in Living Business so far was making memories and friends with my hallmates at events like the Tigers Game.” - Brett P.

“My favorite memory so far has been singing throwback songs on the bus back from the Tigers game.” - Rebecca H.

“The best parts have been the fun events, the free food, and the fact that I got to know other Ross people even before going into BA 100.” - Anson L.





We hope you are interested in Living Business after seeing into the perspectives of some of our residents.

More information about Living Business at Michigan Ross

Apply to live in Living Business by filling out the Theme Community application prior to the May 13, 2020 deadline. Questions? Email