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Michigan Ross OMBA Students Share Their Experience With New Digital Learning Studio

The Convatac Digital Studio is shown, with large screens and a robotic camera.

The Ross School of Business unveiled its brand-new, state-of-the-art Convatec Digital Learning Studio in early 2023.

This studio expanded upon the capabilities of the first digital studio constructed at Michigan Ross in 2019, with new features like high-resolution LED screens, robot-controlled cameras, and augmented reality capabilities, which allow interactive 3D objects and graphics to be used live during classes. These immersive features create an engaging experience similar to an in-person class, with the ultimate goal being for students and their professors to feel that they’re truly present together in a virtual classroom.

The studio has been primarily used by Online MBA students, who complete much of their coursework remotely. In its first semester of use, the studio has been embraced by both professors and students to reimagine what an online course experience can look like.

For more information on this new class experience, we asked two OMBA students to share their thoughts on the digital studio after its first semester of use.

A woman with short hair and glasses smiles for a professional headshot.

Name: Irsha Pardeshi
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Current Job: Mechanical Engineer, Abbott 
Expected Grad Year: 2024

What is your favorite part about learning in the digital studio?
My favorite part about learning in the digital studio is having the ability to experience a real classroom setting; viewing the class content as well as fellow classmates simultaneously.

What surprised you most about the studio?
The camera rotation and orientation throughout the studio surprised me. The zoom in and out of the stage, content, and instructor, as well as the quicker way of switching between multiple screens on the instructor’s end was really impressive.

How has the new studio shaped your experience in the program? 
The new studio has almost bridged the gap between an online and full-time, in-person classroom experience. It is fascinating to be able to see such active engagement between my classmates and our instructor in an online MBA program.

If you could share one thing about the new studio with prospective students what would it be?
The technology at the new studio makes the online program experience equivalent to a full-time, in-person program.


A man with light brown hair and a moustache smiles for a professional headshot.

Name: Brendan Hickey
Location: Jupiter, Florida
Current Job: Sr. Project Manager - Development, NextEra Energy Resources
Expected Grad Year: 2024

What is your favorite part about learning in the digital studio? 
I like the high-end appeal of the new digital studio. Though I am attending class online, it feels like I am in a high-end, in-person class.

What surprised you most about the studio?
The size of the studio. Before I made my decision to attend the Ross OMBA program, I sat in on other schools’ virtual classes as well. The Ross studio is leaps and bounds above what I witnessed from other top online programs. It is not simply someone sitting at their desk and teaching a class. The instructor gets to move around, which makes the experience feel much more akin to being in-person.

How does the new studio help connect you to other students and faculty?
Even with my meeting screen set to only show the instructor and the slides, I still get to see my classmates on the screens behind the instructor as they are teaching. I like this because it creates more of a connection to my classmates, even if it is subtle.

If you could share one thing about the new studio with prospective students what would it be?
It is the highest quality virtual studio I have seen, compared to the others I have witnessed from other OMBA programs. If you want to have the convenience of getting your MBA online without sacrificing the quality of classes, then the Ross OMBA program is the right choice.