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Ross Featured In the News - Week of Dec. 1

Ross in the News

Week Ending Dec. 1
Nov. 28 - CNN - How Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ is Changing Travel (Marcus Collins)

As hospitality and brand experts note, destinations and tourism organizations poised to make the most out of these once-in-an-Era opportunities are those that strategically align with Swift’s brand and values. Just as importantly, they must resonate with those scores of loyal Swifties, as Marcus Collins, marketing professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and a former social media strategist for Beyoncé, points out.

Citing Royal Caribbean’s Swift-inspired cruise, Collins told CNN Travel via email, “There’s a lot of room to do something even more thematic that could potentially be more meaningful to Swifties who understand all the nuances of her.”

Nov. 24 - NPR - Why are sales so hard to resist? Let's unravel this Black Friday mystery (Carolyn Yoon)

When you shop, there's usually a standoff in your brain between what can be described as its emotional and rational parts. "The human brain has essentially evolved to feel first and think next," says Carolyn Yoon, who studies consumer neuroscience at the University of Michigan.

One buying strategy experts recommend is to make a shopping list in advance and then, stick to it. Another is to research items — beforehand or on the spot, checking online — to weigh whether the sale really is a good deal.
"The ability to think can override the emotional state," says Yoon. "The more you spend time thinking and bring your cognitive processes to bear ... you have a shot at basically saying, 'No, I think I'm going to pass,' even though that wasn't your first inclination."

Nov. 17 - Politico - White House delivers a tax boost for offshore wind (Andrew Hoffman)

The offshore industry is on track to open two major wind farms in the U.S., but developers canceled about a quarter of the contracts for wind power. Turbine manufacturers are awash in red ink.

“It’s messy,” said Andrew Hoffman, a professor of sustainable enterprise at the University of Michigan. “I’ve always struggled with the idea that we’re going to deal with climate change, make ourselves rich and live happily ever after.”

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