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Two Michigan Ross BBAs Featured on ‘Best & Brightest’ List for Class of 2021


Ross School of Business students Priyanka Khetarpal, BBA ’21, and Sven Wollschlaeger, BBA ’21, were among the 100 top undergraduate business majors awarded spots on Poets&Quants’ “Best and Brightest” list from the Class of 2021. 

These students truly embody what it means to be leaders and the best at Michigan Ross,  demonstrated by the positive impact they have made both in and out of the classroom.

P&Q annually publishes its Best & Brightest Business Majors list, which includes standout students from the top 50 undergraduate business schools. Since 2016, the publication has selected nominees based on their academic excellence, extracurricular leadership, personal character, and overall impact on their B-school program.

Meet the two recipients and find out what earned these BBAs the title of “Best & Brightest.” 

Priyanka Khetarpal

Khetarpal was heavily involved in numerous student organizations at Michigan Ross. She served as a Career Development Office finance peer coach, BBA student ambassador, peer recruiter for diversity outreach, and vice president of operations for Phi Chi Theta Business and Economics fraternity, along with being a member of Michigan Business Women

Being a part of these organizations allowed Khetarpal to be in a position that let her pay it forward and offer mentorship to those around her.

I am proud to be on a team of BBA ambassadors that focus on diversity outreach and support within the undergraduate program at Ross. I think there is a personal responsibility that students at Ross and Michigan at large take to hold doors open for those that follow to make sure that those younger than us learn from our struggles or mistakes – whether that is in classes or job interviews.

Priyanka Khetarpal, BBA ’21

Khetarpal told P&Q that she was concerned about entering a very competitive culture when she entered business school – something she was not looking forward to – but that was not what she found at Michigan Ross.

“I was so pleasantly surprised when I came to know the culture at Ross, where the focus on positive business and tangibly teaching the idea that the value of a whole (or team) is undoubtedly higher than the sum of its individual parts. The focus on collaboration as opposed to competition was an aspect that surprised me the most about business school.”

At Michigan Ross, Khetarpal was able to merge her interests of technology and business by pursuing a dual degree with Ross and the School of Information. 

This passion was highlighted by Blaire Moody Rideout, director of Undergraduate Admissions at Michigan Ross, who said that Khetarpal is a leader for women in fintech at Ross. 

“Priyanka recognized that during her sophomore year, when she was figuring out how to translate her love of numbers and technology into a career, she found herself to be one of only a few women in the room during networking events with financial firms. Being a woman in a less-represented area of business has motivated her to serve as a mentor to others. We certainly take pride in all that Priyanka has accomplished at Ross and look forward to her trailblazing a path for women in fintech,” she wrote.

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Sven Wollschlaeger

As a self-proclaimed research junkie, Wollschlaeger’s passion for learning has served him well in his time at Michigan Ross. His curiosity has led him to pursue a number of different opportunities, including landing prestigious internships and even launching his own startup. 

During his first year at Michigan Ross, Wollschlaeger co-founded a 3D and virtual-reality tech company specializing in higher-ed campus tour creation. 

Over three years, I am proud that we built and scaled VenueTourist from my dorm room to being deployed at universities all across the U.S. – from campuses like George Washington University to the University of Miami. We raised around $1 million from the co-founder of JetBlue, and pitched to Google Streetview, Bessemer Venture Partners, and A16Z

Sven Wollschlaeger, BBA ’21

Wollschlaeger told P&Q that his biggest surprise in business school was the importance of self-honesty. 

“Be intellectually honest with your capabilities (double-down or build-up, wherever necessary). And be honest in knowing. Your best friends today are the world’s titans of industry tomorrow. So be nice! Curious. And genuine. Always.”

Eva Bacevice, academic advisor for the Michigan Ross BBA Program, shared with P&Q that she was impressed by Wollschlaeger’s sheer love of learning and thirst for knowledge. 

“In the four years that I have had the pleasure of working with Sven, this trait has remained his guiding principle in all that he has accomplished. Whether that is founding a company that has enjoyed great success (both in reputation and monetary gain), landing prestigious internships, seeking out deeper knowledge of business industries through self-study, or finding mentors who are quickly invested in his success once they recognize his ability and enthusiasm, Sven’s passion and drive are always at the forefront,” she wrote. 

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