Student Clubs & Organizations

Functioning as a link connecting healthcare and business, the Michigan Healthcare Business Club provides students with a distinctive business-oriented viewpoint on healthcare. Engaging with the club offers a chance to both contribute to and gain insights into the forthcoming and present trends in the healthcare sector.

Michigan Impact is a club focused on the practice, study, and development of impact investing and ESG integration. We operate on a club-wide managed fund, and plan a yearly symposium on impact investing. The Michigan Impact Investing Symposium (MIIS) is an annual conference held at the Ross School of Business and is organized by undergraduate students through the Michigan Impact club. The symposium showcases the many opportunities of impact investing and brings in distinguished members of the impact investing community to speak at the conference.

The Michigan Investment Banking Club (“MIBC”) is an undergraduate student organization at the University of Michigan. Our goal is to prepare our members for a career in investment banking and to help our members secure competitive internships or full-time Analyst positions. In order to accomplish our goals, we employ a three prong strategy, which consists of an educational lecture series, an academic year investment banking internship program, and career guidance and support.

The Marketing Club at Ross is comprised of more than 200 students with interests in diverse fields such as brand management, healthcare, technology, consulting, retail, and services. The club strives to equip students with the necessary tools and coaching to excel in networking and interviewing. We hope you utilize all the resources the club has to offer!

We provide students the community and platform to explore private equity and venture capital through educational instruction and real-world applications. Our club is positioned in an open-source format, giving the general student body access to certain events i.e. interactive seminars and workshops. Internally, our associates build the organization up from ground 0, acquire the technical capabilities required to thrive within the competitive verticals, compete in investment challenges, and so much more.

Michigan Stocks and Bonds Organization (MSBO) is a leading investment club open to all University of Michigan undergraduates at any level of investing experience. We strive to make students become well-versed investors, professionals, and collaborative teammates, preparing them for positions at leading companies. Most of all, we are a tight-knit and diverse community that can call itself a family and have fun!

Our mission is to empower undergraduate women by providing a supportive community where we collectively strive to become knowledgeable and proficient in the realm of finance. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that promotes financial literacy, investment education, and professional growth. By leveraging our diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we aim to equip our members with the tools, skills, and confidence to navigate the complex world of finance successfully. Through interactive discussions, workshops, guest speakers, and hands-on investment opportunities, we endeavor to cultivate a strong foundation of financial understanding and strategic thinking. Our ultimate goal is to empower each member to secure their economic futures and become leaders in the field of finance. Together, we aspire to shatter barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a lasting impact in the world of finance as confident and well-versed women.

Looking for a fun way to kick-off your Ross experience and make lasting bonds with your classmates before school starts? M-Treks are 7-10 day long MBA2 led adventure trips that promote fun, friendship, and the Ross culture. Treks are completely student run, open to all incoming students, and are a great way to meet classmates and start building bonds before you formally start the MBA curriculum. Treks of 10-20 students catered to a variety of travel interests will cross the globe in mid-August. Whether you enjoy camping in the heart of the wilderness or spending time on the beach in an exotic location, there's a trek for you. Visit a country new to you, explore a different culture, or try something out of your comfort zone. Some trips are action packed, backpacking, and hosteling adventures while others have more of a tropical, laid back feel. After your trip, you'll head back to Ross with a great group of friends (fellow MBA1 Trekkers) to hang out with in Ann Arbor and mentors (MBA2 Trip Leaders) that can tell you the secrets to making it through your first year.
Net Impact' at Ross's mission is to make Ross MBAs the paragons of responsible leadership. To this end, we focus on three primary areas that provide our members the tools to lead in thoughtful action: -Career and Professional Development: To provide career resources that enable students to find jobs in fields geared toward or incorporating attention to social impact and sustainability, and to connect students with a worldwide network of Net Impact members. -Events and Community Development: To raise awareness about the power of business for social, environmental, and economic impact by organizing events for the student body and to build a community of students who are committed to these tenets. -Curriculum and School Development: To encourage student and faculty learning and leadership development through engagement in social and environmental issues in the curriculum and school programs.