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Tech Club at the Ross School of BusinessThe Tech Club aims to serve three primary purposes: To build an integrated network of tech-minded MBAs, to educate members on the latest trends and developments in the high tech industry, and to support members in their career pursuits. As one of the most dynamic industries, impacting all other businesses, tech is an increasingly appealing career path for MBAs. As a result, the Tech Club is one of the fastest-growing and largest clubs on campus.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Business Association (LDSBA)Our mission is to represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints within the Ross community and to provide opportunities for developing friendships and networking between students, alumni, faculty and business leaders. We aim to support students in their efforts to balance personal, family, education, career, and church obligations so they can make the most of their time at Ross.
Theta Capital

Theta Capital is a University of Michigan financial club focused on the use of derivatives and fundamental and technical analysis to enhance the investment literacy and competency of its members. During your first semester with us, you will follow an in-depth, custom tailored 1:1 educational course that will foster an understanding of both fundamental and technical analysis as well as how to implement various options trading strategies. All the while, you will be engaging in full scale club meetings that utilize both large and small group discussion to analyze an equity and develop potential plays leveraging options, longing, and shorting.

Upround Venture Capital

UpRound's mission is to support and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Michigan and across the region. UpRound's primary activities are designed to source, accelerate, and write checks out of our fund to startups. UpRound recruits and provides rich education to new members every semester, while providing a space for students passionate about entrepreneurship to bond, develop, and innovate. Additionally, we partner with Plug and Play, Detroit Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners and others to create exclusive career pathways and opportunities for our analysts within the venture capital space.

Victors Value Investments

Victors Value Investments (VVI) is a student-led organization with an emphasis on community that focuses on value investing philosophies, educates its members on financial topics, and provides real-world investing and finance experience.

Wolverine Capital Investments

WCI is a student-run investment club with a focus on new member education, professional development, philanthropy, and sustainable investing practices. We actively manage a portfolio containing predominantly long-term investments with a focus on stable, high performing stocks.

Women Who LaunchWomen Who Launch (WWL) is dedicated to fostering a gender equal entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Michigan and beyond.