Young Gao

Young Gao, MBA '15

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Family and Academics

Young had eight years of experience, focused on IT consulting, before coming to Ross.

He joined the GMBA Program because he knew it would prepare him for the next step in his career.

“Ross is a wonderful school, because no matter which field you’re interested in, you can find very good students and very good professors here,” he says. “I was very interested in mergers and acquisitions. So I took the M&A class, but in many other classes, the professors gave us knowledge about M&A. For example, in the accounting class, they taught us about the tax issues when we acquire companies.”

He joined a Chinese club at Ross, but he spent most of his spare time with his wife and son. He says Ann Arbor was “a very good place” for his family, and in fact, he stayed longer than expected to pursue another master’s degree in the U-M School of Natural Resources and Environment.