As a Ross BBA student, you’ll take about half of your classes at other schools in the university. But if you have an equally strong passion for another subject, you have the flexibility to enhance your education by pursuing a dual degree. You must be admitted by both degree programs independently.

Are Dual Degrees Right For You?

If you are a UM student considering adding the BBA degree to your current degree program, please discuss with your current academic advisor and review the Ross application materials. If you are a current Ross BBA, review this information for prospective BBA dual degree students and schedule a meeting with your Ross advisor to discuss concerns and next steps.

Approved Dual Degree Programs

Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design

College of Engineering

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

School of Kinesiology (Sport Management program)

School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Getting Started

  1. You must be in good academic standing in order to pursue a dual degree. Dual degree students are required to have a “home school,” which determines academic and registration policies. Each semester, you must be enrolled for all classes under your home school, regardless of the courses taken. If you are pursuing a dual degree with the College of Engineering or LSA, Ross will be your home school. With Art & Design; Kinesiology; or Music, Theatre, & Dance, either school can be your home school; discuss this decision with your academic advisors.

  2. To pursue a dual degree, you work with academic advisors in both programs to create a course plan that meets your requirements. You submit this plan as part of your dual degree application. For more information on requirements and course planning tools that are unique to a particular dual degree program, visit MyImpact.

  3. You are responsible for scheduling meetings with academic advisors in both programs to track progress toward graduation. You must apply for graduation from each degree program, along with completing any other required documents. Both degrees must be awarded simultaneously. If any degree requirement is incomplete for either degree, neither degree will be awarded. Completion of both degree requirements results in two different degree citations on your transcript and in two separate diplomas.