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Leveraging the Power of Culture in Commerce: A Holistic Approach

Webinar panel: Marcus Collins, Hayley Romer, Ken Muench, and Sofia Hernandez (Clockwise Order)

No force is more influential on human behavior than culture, and this statement rings incredibly true in the world of commerce.

From branding to production, culture plays a significant role in how today's businesses make decisions across the board to get people to take action.

On Feb. 8, Professor Marcus Collins hosted an all-star expert panel featuring Ken Muench, Chief Marketing Officer at Yum! Brands, Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing at TikTok, and Hayley Romer, Chief Commercial Officer at Art Basel. Together, they explored the intricate relationship between organizational culture, consumer culture, and societal impact. The panelists emphasized the value of utilizing case studies, demonstrating impact, asking insightful questions, and understanding audience perspectives to effectively navigate and leverage cultural dynamics in business decisions.



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