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Navigating Sustainable Leadership: Expert Panel

Business leaders across the globe face increasing demand to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations to mitigate risks, boost resilience, and build long-term value and stakeholder trust. 

A recent panel organized by Michigan Ross Executive Education brought together leading faculty and industry experts to discuss the current and future state of sustainable leadership. Together, the panel explored the evolution of sustainability practices, regulatory impacts, and the challenges companies face in achieving ambitious ESG goals while also highlighting the role of innovation, financial inclusion, and the importance of diversity in driving sustainable business practices.

Learn more about how you can work with some of the expert panelists and lead your organization’s sustainable transformation to create a meaningful impact in the new executive education program, Sustainable Leadership in the ESG Era.

Featured Faculty
Thomas C. Kinnear Professor and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies
Associate Professor of Organizational Studies and Associate Professor of Program in the Environment, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts