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Redefining Sustainability Strategy: Beyond Greening

Sustainability is a substantial concept today, but its meaning also comes with varied interpretations depending on who you ask. So, how can leaders operationalize sustainability in business terms and think about sustainability from a strategy lens in order to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities?

In this timely discussion, Professor Stu Hart shares his perspective on a proactive approach to capitalizing on business opportunities in sustainability, outlining two different strategies: those that focus on improving current products and processes, or “Greening” strategies, and those that focus on more fundamental innovation and transformation to create new business models and markets, or “Beyond Greening” strategies. He advocates for a shift towards these “Beyond Greening” strategies, providing examples and also underscoring the need for companies to build collaborative ecosystems to support and accelerate these transformational shifts.

To learn more about Beyond Greening strategies and how to generate sustainable value in your organization, connect with Michigan Ross Executive Education today at RossExecEd@umich.edu.

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