Managing the Future Workforce: Acquiring, Developing, and Engaging the Evolving Workforce

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The world of work has become incredibly complex. Technological and social forces are changing how work is done, who does it, and even what work looks like. Change is happening at a rapid pace. What leaders expect — and what is expected of them — is changing, too.

This course explores multiple forces that are transforming the modern labor markets and workplaces with particular emphasis on technology and automation. It will blend theory and practice on how these forces are impacting talent acquisition, human capital investment, performance evaluation and incentive design.


  • This course draws on the latest academic and business research to provide a unique, integrated exploration of the future of work.  
  • This course examines trends, uses case studies of emerging best practices and provides applicable frameworks.
  • Participants will gain the tools for understanding and designing responses to the interlocking challenges and opportunities created by the ongoing unprecedented transformation of work.
Who Should Attend
  • Team Leader, HR Director, HR Business Partner, or other titles with leader or director
  • Employees who have roles related to designing, recruiting, incentivizing, modernizing, employee experience, or similar in the workplace or organization
  • The course is also relevant to general managers in middle and upper management positions, involved in hiring, evaluating, and incentivizing employees

Program Structure

This five-week online course consists of eight asynchronous modules and the course concludes with a live synchronous session. The combination of the online platform, discussion groups and interactive live session foster a dynamic learning environment. 

Time Commitment

Duration: 5 Weeks 
Weekly Coursework: 5-7 hours/week 
Format: Asynchronous & Synchronous sessions

Week 1

  • Module 1: Future of Work - Overview of Key Trends
  • Module 2: Talent Acquisition: Challenges and Solutions 

Week 2

  • Module 3: Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition
  • Module 4: Human Capital Investment -- Developing Skills for the Future Workplace

Week 3

  • Module 5: The Evolution of Performance Evaluation 
  • Module 6: Designing Incentives to Enhance Productivity

Week 4

  • Module 7: Using People Analytics to Enhance Organizational Performance
  • Module 8: Alternative Strategic Talent Management Approaches

Week 5

  • Live Session: Future of Work: Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing Organizational Performance.


After successful program completion, you will earn 1 credit toward the Distinguished Leader Certificate from Michigan Ross Executive Education.

  • Develop an action plan for immediate implementation in your organization that incorporates emerging best practices in hiring, worker evaluation and incentive design, that reflects the changing nature of work
  • Gain tools and frameworks for reimagining human capital practices to hire, retain, and incentivize your workforce to enhance organizational productivity
  • Understand how emerging technology trends are impacting firms and labor markets, and develop a talent development strategy to address projected skill gaps in your organization
  • Explore new approaches to human capital management facilitated by technology
  • Become a change agent in your organization on future of work initiatives
  • Discover how emerging trends impact your personal work environment and future prospects
  • Enhance processes and procedures to improve productivity for yourself, colleagues and teams

Buzz and Judy Newton Professor of Business Administration
Area Chair, Business Economics and Public Policy
Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

Tuition & Fees

Tuition covers access to the course platform, content and activities.

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