Custom Design for Sponsored Students

At Ross, we understand time is a valuable asset for you and your company. So we've designed the Global MBA Program to span 16 continuous months with no summer break. This way, we minimize the amount of time you are away from your job.

The rigorous Global MBA core is identical to the other MBA programs at Ross, but it is sequenced to meet the unique needs of corporate-sponsored students who will return to their companies after graduation.

The program begins with an introduction to written and oral managerial communications.

It continues with quantitative courses and gradually adds non-quantitative courses that require more classroom discussion and collaboration.

Students complete the required courses of the Ross MBA core in the first two terms — three months in Asia (with one month each in Korea, Japan, and China) and three months in Ann Arbor. Upon completing the core, students are free to pursue a wide variety of electives. The program concludes with the seven-week Multidisciplinary Action Projects requirement.

The broad-based management approach at Ross delivers an integrated view of business. Our focus on action-based learning brings you the tools and hands-on experience to lead change, drive innovation, and implement creative solutions. At Ross, you have the flexibility to focus studies on a specific area or broaden studies over a variety of disciplines.

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Program Schedule
Details on the Global MBA 16-month format in Asia and Ann Arbor

The Global MBA Program begins each February with the Asia Session, consisting of one month each in Korea, Japan, and China. In June, students relocate to the Ross campus at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for the remaining thirteen months of the program.

Students complete the required Ross MBA core courses in the first two terms, consisting of the three months in Asia and the first three months in Ann Arbor. Upon completing the core, students are free to pursue a wide variety of electives at Ross during two four-month terms (fall and winter). The program concludes with the seven-week Multidisciplinary Action Projects requirement.

Global MBA Class of 2019 Schedule
Courses Offered Credit Location Class Date
Pre-MBA English Course* None Korea 2/5 - 2/24/2018
Core Courses in Asia:      
Written Managerial Communications 1.50 Korea 2/26 - 3/2/2018
Communication Management 1.50 Korea 3/5 – 3/9/2018
Principles of Financial Accounting 2.25 Korea 3/12 - 3/22/2018
Applied Microeconomics 2.25 Japan 4/3 - 4/13/2018
Applied Business Statistics  2.25 Japan 4/16 - 4/27/2018
Operations Management 2.25 China 5/7 - 5/17/2018
Corporate Strategy 2.25 China 5/21 - 5/31/2018
Total: 14.25    
Core Courses in Ann Arbor      
Management Accounting 1.50 Ann Arbor 6/25 - 7/2/2018
Financial Management 2.25 Ann Arbor 7/9 - 7/20/2018
Human Behavior and Organization  2.25 Ann Arbor 8/6 - 8/17/2018
Marketing Management  2.25 Ann Arbor 7/23 - 8/3/2018
Total: 8.25    
Elective Courses      
Fall Term Electives 8-18 Ann Arbor 9/4 - 12/20/2018
Winter Term Electives 8-18 Ann Arbor 1/4 - 5/2/2019
Total: 27-36    
Multidisciplinary Action Projects      
Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) 7.5 US/Global 5/9 - 7/3/2019
Total:  7.5    
Post-MBA Research Project (optional 7- or 14-week format) None Ann Arbor 9/3 - 10/18/2019
9/3 - 12/20/2019
(Min. 57 required)

* Students who demonstrate proficiency in English during the application phase may place out of the course.

The Ross MBA Program requires successful completion of 57 graduate credit hours. Students must complete a minimum of 27 credit hours of coursework during the fall 2018 and winter 2019 terms, including an approved law or ethics course and the Competing in the Global Business Environment (formerly known as The World Economy) course (1.5 credit hours). Students may take a maximum of 18 credit hours during each of the fall 2018 and winter 2019 terms.

Core Courses
Strengthen your foundation with our MBA core courses

The Ross MBA curriculum prepares you to lead by offering a combination of rigorous fundamentals, practical experience, and the freedom to explore. We want you to leave with broader aspirations, the tools to achieve them, and the confidence to pursue them.

Business challenges are often complex. You must be able to see from many perspectives in order to assess your risks and opportunities.

The broad-based management approach at Ross delivers an integrated view of business. Our focus on action-based learning gives you the tools and hands-on experience to lead change, drive innovation, and implement creative solutions.

The first two terms give you a broad grounding in the fundamentals of:

  • accounting
  • business economics and public policy
  • finance
  • law, history, and communication
  • management and organizations
  • marketing
  • operations and management science
  • strategy
Additional Degree Requirements:

1. Competing in the Global Business Environment (formerly known as the World Economy) (STRATEGY 503 - 1.5 credits) core course which must be completed during the two elective terms.

2. Law/Ethics: This requirement can be met by waiver request or by taking ONE of a selection of courses at any time during the two elective terms. (Students who have earned a Juris Doctor degree are automatically waived from this requirement.) The following courses will satisfy the Law/Ethics requirement: BL/ES 504, BL 507, BL 508, BL 509, BL 512, BL 513, BL 514, BL 517, or BL 582

In the final term, you put the curriculum to work in the Multidisciplinary Action Project course (see below), integrating your analytical tools with teamwork and leadership development on a strategic project inside an actual firm or organization.

Required Courses — Asia Session:

Written Managerial Communications BCOM 594

Oral Communication Management BCOM 595

Applied Business Statistics TO 595

Applied Microeconomics BE 591

Principles of Financial Accounting ACC 591

Financial Management FIN 591

Corporate Strategy STRATEGY 591

Required Courses — Ann Arbor Session:

Operations Management TO 593

Marketing Management MKT 591

Management Accounting ACC 593

Human Behavior and Organization MO 593

3. MBA Communication Requirement: Global MBA students fulfill the communication requirement through successful completion of BCOM 594 and BCOM 595 offered at the beginning of the program.

Elective Courses
Integrate your education with your individual interests

After completing your core courses, during your third (September-December) and fourth (January-April) terms, you are free to pursue a wide range of elective courses. Ross offers you the flexibility to focus studies on a specific area or broaden studies over a variety of disciplines. During your elective terms, you also need to fulfill the World Economy and Law/Ethics requirements (see above). With the exception of those two courses, you are free to select from more than 110 electives offerings at the Ross school or across the University.

Benchmarking COURSES

In addition to the traditional MBA electives available, the Global MBA Program offers unique opportunities through the MO 594 Benchmarking courses. Two courses are offered — one in New York and one in Silicon Valley. In each location, students visit about 10 companies, including financial institutions and IT companies, over a two-day period. These courses are exclusive to the Global MBA Program and provide ample opportunities to meet top executives at major U.S. companies.

Action-Based Learning Opportunities

Ross pioneered the concept of action-based learning in business education. A custom designed benchmarking course offers Global MBA students a first-hand opportunity to meet key business leaders in the US, in both Silicon Valley and New York City. The Global MBA MAP is a key part of our MBA Program where students immerse themselves in the business world for seven weeks as they work exclusively with a corporate, entrepreneurial, or nonprofit organization to solve a pressing challenge in our MAP course. Projects take place across the U.S. and around the world. During the elective terms, you have an opportunity to select from a host of other Ross action-based learning courses.

Featured courses:

Business Leadership in Changing Times MO 611
Could you announce a significant shift in company strategy to investors in a case simulation? How about in front of a C-Level executive from the very company you are studying? The CEO and other C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies make regular appearances in this class. Your performance will be closely scrutinized and rigorously critiqued – but the opportunity is unique.

Action Learning Project in Operations, Procurement, and Supply Chain TO 582
In this 14-week project, taught in cooperation with A.T. Kearney, students address a major operations or supply chain problem within a company. You’ll benefit from guest lectures by A.T. Kearney and Fortune 500 company executives.

Social Intrapreneurship: Leading Social Innovation in Organizations MO 637
Drawing on the latest advances in social research, network analysis, and information technology, this course builds a toolkit for leading social innovation within organizations. Live case studies with guest intrapreneurs from companies of all sizes help you to apply the principles in practice.

Entrepreneurial Turnaround Management ES 735
You'll examine turnaround management techniques, led by an experienced practitioner. This hands-on course evaluates analysis techniques, prioritization of tasks, communication strategies, strategic repositioning, financial restructuring, and the psychological aspects of troubled situations.

Marketing Engineering MKT 630
Professions such as marketing manager, account manager, and market researcher are evolving rapidly in the new technology-intense marketing environment. The new marketing needs people with marketing engineering skills, and this course develops those skills.

Strategies For Growth STRAT 672
This course develops a framework for determining the direction of growth: market penetration, globalization, vertical integration, related diversification and unrelated diversification, and the mode of growth. You will also explore the organizational challenges in implementing the growth strategy.

Integrated Product Development Course TO 548
Partner with students in the College of Engineering and School of Art and Design to research, design, manufacture, and market a fully functional, customer-ready prototype of an actual product. Then compete against classmates in a trade show.

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Ross students inhabit a world of powerful, relevant ideas, both in and out of the classroom, through focused learning opportunities in the school’s leading institutes and centers. The very opposite of ivory towers, these institute and centers are committed to practice, experience, and hands-on learning.


100 of the University of Michigan’s graduate programs rank in the top 10 (U.S. News & World Report, 2014). You have the opportunity to take up to 10 of your 57 required credits at any of the graduate programs offered by the University of Michigan.


The Center for International Business Excellence and Research (CIBER) arranges semester-long study abroad programs with partnering business schools worldwide, including opportunities in Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Europe. Students participating in an exchange are able to earn up to 15 credit hours toward their Michigan Ross degree.


If you are equally passionate about another subject beyond business, Ross offers 23 established dual degrees (link to dual degree page), including in engineering, education, social work, public policy, public health and law.

Multidisciplinary Action Project
Gain hands-on experience with our signature MAP course

Your Global MBA Program culminates with our renowned Multidisciplinary Action Projects course, which epitomizes Ross’ dedication to action-based learning. It’s a seven-week, hands-on project for a sponsoring company seeking a creative solution to a critical organizational challenge. Projects are hosted by incubators, startups, nongovernmental organizations, and multinational corporations throughout the world.

Each project requires you to collaborate with a team of peers and a faculty advisor to confront the ambiguities of a real-world business challenge. You apply academic concepts, problem-solving skills, and imagination to frame and resolve that challenge. At the conclusion of the project, you deliver your analysis and recommendations to the sponsor and Ross faculty in a formal presentation and written report.

As you delve into the MAP experience, you may be asked to:

  • develop a business strategy
  • target opportunities for growth
  • solve a market entry problem
  • develop new products
  • assess mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and joint ventures
  • perform complex financial modeling
  • launch feasibility studies
  • generate product launch and distribution plans
  • propose operations improvements
  • perform risk analysis

To sponsors, MAP delivers real, data-driven solutions. To you, MAP delivers a transformative educational experience that brings coursework to life.

Learn more about MAP


Some Recent Project Sponsors

3A SA (Switzerland)
3M Co.
American Restaurants (Ukraine)
Delphi China
Dihon Pharmaceuticals (China)
Eastman Kodak Co.
Energy Conversion Devices
Ford Motor Co.
Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center
Hyundai de Mexico
JP Morgan Chase
Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
Panasonic Corp. of North America
POSCO (Korea)
Samsung Electronics Latin America (Brazil)
Valspar Corp.
Visteon Corp.

Tentative MAP Schedule (Class of 2019)
March 1, 2019 Project proposals due to
March 11 Proposals delivered to students for bidding
March 29 MAP Teams announced
May 9-10 MAP Bootcamp (students only)
May 13 Teams report to company
June 27 Final presentations to the faculty team
June 27 - July 3 Final presentations at sponsor site


Post-MBA Research Project
Continue your education with a focused, integrative effort

Once you complete your Ross Global MBA, you have the opportunity to complete a Post-MBA Research Project. This is a chance to enhance your education through a comprehensive research project integrating all that you have learned.

Available exclusively to Global MBA students, the project is offered for seven or 14 weeks. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, you'll apply the knowledge gained at Ross to a real situation faced by your employer. Then, you'll deliver a final report and present proposed solutions.

Tentative Research Project Schedule (Class of 2019)
Date Event
Through March 3, 2019 Student prepares research plan and approaches a professor of their choice for consent.
March 4, 2019 Students submit research plan, application with faculty consent, and $500 deposit to the GMBA office.
April-June 2019 Students individually apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) following guidelines from the University of Michigan International Center.
August 31, 2019 Students pay balance of project fee; total of $1,000 for the 7-week project and $2,000 for the 14-week project.
Sept-Oct/Dec, 2019 Students conduct research under the guidance of advising faculty.
Oct/Dec 2019 Students present the results of their research to their advising faculty.