Here at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business, we welcome students from around the globe to our vibrant and distinctive learning community.

Prospective Students

In order to officially become a semester exchange student at Ross, your home institution must have an exchange agreement with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business through the Office of Global Initiatives. Check with your home institution's international office to see if you qualify. The nomination process is housed entirely within your home institution's international office. 





  • Spend a semester taking stimulating courses with our world-class faculty in top-ranked MBA and BBA academic programs
  • Take full advantage of career advising and job recruiting with Ross Career Services 
  • Make friends within a diverse student body drawing from all 50 U.S. states and 129 countries
  • Get involved on campus with other students who share your interests (whatever they are) with more than 1,000 student clubs and organizations 
  • Live in one of the "happiest cities in the United States" (we're pretty happy at Ross too!)
  • Join the extensive Ross and University of Michigan networks, with more than 45,000 Ross alumni living and working in 90+ countries, and more than 500,000 U-M alumni residing around the globe 

For more information, see the 2016 -2017 Ross School of Business Fact Sheet.


Nominated & Accepted Students



Once you have been nominated by your home institution, you will receive instructions from Global Initiatives will then work to review your application, admit you to the University, and provide documentation necessary for your student visa. 


Before you set foot in Ann Arbor and experience life at Ross, there are several important items that require your attention: 

Incoming Exchange Handbook 

  • The Incoming Exchange Handbook is a detailed and informative resource for exchange students coming to Ross. The handbook includes a pre-arrival checklist and helpful information about the culture in Ann Arbor, finding housing, academics, the University campus, and much more. 

Securing Housing in Ann Arbor

  • Securing rental housing in Ann Arbor can be a challenge, particularly during the fall semester. We recommend you begin searching apartment and short-term housing listings as soon as possible after accepting your exchange placement at Ross. Reviewing pages 6-8 of the Incoming Exchange Handbook is a great place to start your search! 

U.S. Visa Processing 

  • Once you submit all admission application materials in our online application system (M-Compass), the Global Initiatives team will send your information to the International Center for I-20 processing; this may take up to several weeks. Once processed, your I-20 certificate will be mailed to you. You will need to make an appointment with the nearest U.S. consulate to continue with the student visa application process. For more information, see the U-M F-1 Student Visa page. 

Access to U-M E-mail and Student Account 

  • After being admitted as a student, you will receive a series of important e-mails (to the e-mail account that was provided with your nomination/application) granting you access to a University of Michigan student account and e-mail address.

Course Registration  

  • Once you are admitted as a student, you will receive an e-mail from the Ross Registrar's Office with instructions on how to register for courses via Wolverine Access. 

Mandatory Incoming Exchange Orientation 

  • A few days prior to the beginning of each semester, Ross, in partnership with the International Center, conducts a mandatory exchange student orientation. This orientation includes the mandatory International Center Check-In required to activate student visas, an Academic Services presentation, and a great deal of helpful information regarding the university, Ann Arbor, and American culture. All incoming exchange students are required to attend this meeting. 


Academic & Career Services Information


The faculty and staff at Ross are deeply committed to helping you succeed and gain as much knowledge as possible from your exchange experience. We strongly recommend that you meet with a Ross academic advisor early in the semester to discuss your academic goals and options. An advisor can also offer guidance if you find yourself struggling with your coursework. You will learn about how to meet with an academic advisor at the Mandatory Incoming Exchange Orientation at the beginning of the semester. 

The University of Michigan also offers several services to help students succeed academically, including the Sweetland Writing Center, the Language Resource Center, tutoring, and research assistance from U-M librarians. 



Course registration for the Fall semester begins in April, and registration for the Winter semester begins in November. You will receive instructions via e-mail on how to register for classes online in Wolverine Access, the University of Michigan's student information system. You will use your new U-M log-in credentials to access the system. 

Exchange students are not permitted to take core classes. Also, students should note that there are sometimes prerequisite requirements for classes. If you register for courses that have prerequisites, you may be requested to provide relevant documentation of courses taken at your home institution. If such proof cannot be provided, you may be removed from the course. 

Ross course descriptions can be found online, but note that not all courses are offered every semester and some courses may not be offered due to staff availability. You will be able to check the availabilty of classes in Wolverine Access prior to registration.



We want your exchange experience to not only benefit you personally and academically, but also with opportunities for career prospects. At Ross, you will have the same access to career resources as full-time students, including recruiting for jobs and internships, career workshops and resume review services, and career advising. Learn more about Career Services.  


Practical Information


Securing rental housing in Ann Arbor can be a challenge, particularly during the the fall semester. We recommend you begin searching apartment and short-term housing listings as soon as possible after accepting your exchange placement at Ross. 

Global Initiatives will send information regarding housing as soon as your home institution nominates you for the semester exchange program. Make sure to check out pages 6-8 of Incoming Exchange Handbook for more details and resources regarding housing. 

The International Center at the University of Michigan also provides great housing resources. Note that some housing options are require a full-year commitment, which would not accommodate semester exchange students.



The Global Initiatives team is here to help! As you prepare for your semester abroad, please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.  


Student Life


The University of Michigan has a proud history of student activism and student organizations. Currently, there are over 1,100 registered student organizations on campus. 

During the beginning of the semester, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership organizes activities that offer an opportunity to meet various organizations and learn more about the numerous clubs on campus. These campus information fairs are Festifall (occurs in September on the Diag), NorthFest (occurs in September on North Campus) and WinterFest (occurs in January). Ross also has a MBA and a BBA "Meet the Clubs" event in the fall. 

Student Testimonials

"What I like most about Ross is the professors who are very passionate about and professional in their research field. Their passion makes me energetic, and their professionalism inspired me to think more beyond the knowledge."  - MBA Exchange Student