The Michigan Ross Behavioral Lab accommodates a variety of innovative human behavior experiments in areas such as marketing and decision science, strategy, teamwork, and leadership.

Within the lab, Ross researchers conduct traditional computer and paper-based experiments, as well as focus groups and taste test studies. Behavioral Lab facilities include a 26-person carrel room, focus group room, interview rooms, and an observation and recording room, making it an ideal environment for research on interpersonal communication or small group dynamics.


Paid Subjects

Sign up online at to be a Paid Subject and participate in Ross studies.

What is the Ross Paid Subject Pool?

The Ross Paid Subject Pool is a list for those interested in participating in research for pay. A subject (person who participates in the research project) can be anyone at least 18 years old: an undergraduate student, graduate student, staff member, faculty, or someone unrelated to the university. Participants in the Ross Paid Subject Pool will be notified of upcoming paid experiments run by Ross researchers. Your answers are always confidential because you will be identified only by ID number, rather than by name.

More information: FAQ 


For Researchers and Administrators:

Researchers can make human subject incentive payment (HSIP) requests online through Wolverine Access (Faculty & Staff) University Business > Treasury Management > Human Subject Incentive Payment Request. Pre-printed subject incentive receipt forms are available for download at the HSIP payment home page. Completed human subject incentive receipts and any remaining study cash should be given to Jennifer Huntington for final processing.



Lab Schedule: Please check the lab schedule for time availability.

Reservation Form: Fill out the online reservation form

Subject Recruitment: Log in to the Paid Pool or MKT/MO Pool websites.

Please note:

  • Researcher eligibility for lab use will include a Ross affiliation and IRB clearance. For questions with regard to eligibility, please contact Behavioral Lab Director, Professor Christie Brown:
  • You MUST email with at least three (3) business days' notice of any reservations, changes, or cancellations.
  • You may reserve the Lab for no more than 10 hours per week or 40 hours per semester. There is one exception: if the Lab is available during an upcoming week, you may request to use the Lab for more than the hours previously reserved for that specific week.
  • Researchers must locate their own subjects.
  • Please read the Behavioral Lab Policies before making a reservation.


The Behavioral Lab has several areas for conducting studies and an observation area available for study oversight. All rooms are internet connected enabling the use of the Qualtrics survey tool.

Conference/Focus Group Room

  • Conference table 
  • Up to 16 participants
  • Audio and video recording
  • Interactive touch-screen display with Mersive Solstice Display Solution
  • Study observation behind a two-way mirror

Preparation Area

  • Lockers for individual researchers
  • Kitchen equipped with sink, microwave, fridge 

Carrel Room

  • 26 cubicles with locked-down laptops
  • Audio and video recording 
  • 60" widescreen TV displays

Interview Rooms (3 available)

  • Equipped with widescreen TV, couch, table and chairs
  • Up to four participants
  • Audio and video recording

Observation/Eyetracking Room

  • Equipped with Tobii X2-60 Eyetracker and Logitech Webcam Pro 9000
  • Discrete viewing of the focus group room



Michael Payne, Lab Manager:

Lillian Chen, Staff Director:

Christie Brown, Faculty Director:


For all inquiries, email us:

The Behavioral Lab is located on the lower level of the Ross building. Click here for directions.