Business is the most powerful force
for positive change.

It’s a bold claim.

Business as a force for real, meaningful change.

The kind of change that makes a positive difference.

But where does change come from?

Change starts with powerful ideas.

At Michigan Ross, we believe lasting change starts with powerful ideas. Ideas that challenge our understanding of the world; ideas that open our eyes to new possibilities; ideas that compel us to act. 

We believe in ideas that emerge from the interaction of diverse points of view. We nurture them in rigorous debate, test them in our research, prove them in application, and share them widely in our teaching, our work, and with businesses.

Change requires purpose-driven leaders.

Ideas are the seeds of change. Real change needs champions. Purpose-driven leaders prepared to take a great idea and make a positive difference in the world. Leaders grounded in real-world experience. Leaders with the character and capability to inspire change. The kind of leaders we develop in our programs around the world every day.

Change needs a community dedicated to impact.

We are a community of thought leaders, educators, students and professionals who are committed to making a positive difference in the world. We leave our mark on the world through the people we teach, the teams and organizations we lead, and the policies and practices we influence. We seek accountability, sustainability, and transparency. We are guided by a strong moral compass. And we strive to elevate the economic and social impact of business globally. 

We are Michigan Ross.
We are committed to building a better world through business.

This is our mission. Will you join us?

Dean Scott DeRue talks about Michigan Ross' Mission