Dr. Jason Gordon

Dr. Jason Gordon

BBA '97
NutraPath Labs
Career Background

Jason is an entrepreneur, doctor and mentor. He is a co-founder of Nutrapath Labs, a cannabis industry technology company, which also maintains a retail presence as a direct-to-consumer CBD brand. Jason splits his time between his business life as an entrepreneur and as a family office manager on one hand, and his healthcare career as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, writer and teacher of a broad range of topics in the health and spirituality field on the other hand.

Most recently, his entrepreneurship has found him in the youthful cannabis industry, but his career has been a world tour with ventures spanning many industries. In 2015, he founded and operated a farm to table, plant-based gastropub and herbal elixir bar, Soul Tavern, which he sold in 2019.

In 2009, Jason co-founded and acted as the CEO of Gombu Koko, a responsible mining and rare earth minerals trading company based in West Africa. During his time with the company from 2009-2014, Gombu Koko incorporated infrastructure establishment and farming support in developing countries as part of its mission. Within its first two years of operations, it became the leading exporter of Coltan out of West Africa. Coltan is a commodity essential for making high-end capacitors, processors, and other electronic equipment; and therefore, Gombu Koko instilled a cell phone recycling program to reuse the elements of Coltan (Tantalum and Niobium) utilized in making these high-end electronics. Jason founded the first virtual, integrative medical center in 2007, Alchemical Courtyard, almost fifteen years before the next of its kind. And in 2003, he purchased the first property in what would become a 20-year portfolio focused on investing in Costa Rican real estate. Jason sold this business in 2021 during the real estate boom.

In his career as a wellness facilitator, Jason is a Doctor of Medical Qigong, an Acupuncture Physician, an herbalist, a craniosacral therapist, a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, and a health coach. Since 1999, Jason has taught Yoga and meditation; facilitated wilderness based, self-reflection retreats; and has been a clinician in Boston, Los Angeles, and today, his clinical practice is in Miami Beach, FL.

Jason has also starred in Yoga videos titled Yoga for Athletes and Power Yoga for Every Body. He has published, Like a Finger Pointing to the Moon, a framework for engaging vehicles of transformation in a way that optimizes the power of self-cultivation. And he taught for the International College of Medical Qigong, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and the University of Miami Medical School, among others institutions.

Today, Jason also spends a large portion of his time as a philanthropist. He is the director of Earthrose Institute, which focuses on Environmental Health education and advocacy. He is also the founder and director of the Alchemical Courtyard Foundation, and a co-founder and director of the Gordon Family Foundation, through which the Gordon Impact Entrepreneurship Fund was created via the University of Michigan Business + Impact program.