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Career Development Office (CDO) is well-positioned for the challenging economic climate in which new MSCM graduates find themselves. In keeping with the school’s broad-based management curriculum, Michigan Ross MSCM students enjoy access to a diverse portfolio of recruiting companies and industries that allows for growth and adaptation in the job search. Michigan Ross maintains close working relationships with a variety of firms populated by thousands of alumni who sponsor action-based learning projects, hire interns, and recruit Michigan Ross MSCM students to join them after graduation.                    

We’ll help you conduct a self-assessment. We’ll coach you on how and when to engage in informational and strategic networking. We’ll provide insight into the best ways to develop your resume and prepare for interviews. Visit and bookmark our site to review all available services.                  

Above all, CDO assists you in more than pursuing a job. We guide you on your career search journey.

On-Campus Career Search

Start Early

To help you get a jump-start on the career search process, we encourage incoming students to connect with Career Development Offices (CDO) as early as November. Explore CDO's Web resources on the Career tab in iMpact. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the MSCM career timeline and career resources so you are able to hit the ground running when you get to Ann Arbor. Workshops and other resources cover self-assessment, resume writing, networking, interview skills, and much more. CDO also will guide you through building your resume in the online database via iMpact.

On-Campus Recruiting        

Deciding on a career and pursuing career opportunities demand careful thought and presentation.

Networking Opportunities

Company presentations are held during the fall, and are designed to educate students about company and career opportunities. Receptions following these presentations provide additional chances to meet company representatives and Ross alumni. Networking hours bring students and recruiters together in the open space of the Davidson Winter Garden.

Interview Opportunities

Students can secure a slot for on-campus interviews through direct company invitation (closed-list invite) or the CDO bidding process. Ross is one of the few schools that is able to maintain open bidding slots on behalf of students, a testament to the school’s good relationship with recruiters. Recruiters are required to provide open slots for bidding and also can specify part of their interview schedule be closed for invitation-only slots. MSCM students can accept closed-list invitations or bid on open slots through iMpact.

Top Recruiters Hire Michigan Ross MSCMs

Corporate recruiters understand that the Michigan Ross commitment to action-based learning prepares its graduates to readily assume positions of leadership. Michigan Ross MSCMs are known to exhibit the analytical expertise, creativity, and judgment needed to sense opportunities and cope with ambiguity in today’s volatile global economy. Some of the top recruiters who hire Michigan Ross MSCMs are listed below.

Apple Inc.
Ascension Health
The Boeing Co.
Booz & Co.
BorgWarner Inc.
Cisco Systems Inc.
CNH America LLC
Dell Inc.                    
Federal-Mogul Corp.
Ford Motor Co.
GE Healthcare
Intel Corp.
LAN Airlines
McKinsey & Co.
Microsoft Corp.
Oracle Corp.
Pacific Drilling Services Inc.
Ryder Systems Inc.
SCG Paper Public Co. Ltd.
Schlumberger Ltd.
Steelcase Inc.
United Technologies Corp.
W.W. Grainger Inc.

Off-Campus Career Search

The Off-Campus Approach

Many MSCM students choose to conduct an off-campus search. Many aspects of it are the same as an on-campus search, and, of course, CDO is here to help you.

Students who opt for the off-campus approach usually fall into one of the following areas:

  • interested in a specific geographic location
  • looking for a career in the nonprofit sector                        
  • more experienced and looking for a higher-level position than what is available through on-campus recruiting        
  • planning to start a business
  • seeking a position in a targeted industry with companies that don’t actively recruit at Ross

Whichever career search strategy you choose, CDO prepares you for a lifetime of success. As a Michigan Ross graduate, you have additional career services available to you as your professional goals and priorities evolve. See the Alumni section for more details.

Off-Campus Recruiting        

For students who conduct an off-campus search, the basic search steps are the same as an on-campus search, with an emphasis on networking.

Whichever career search strategy you choose, CDO prepares you for a lifetime of success. As a Michigan Ross graduate, you have additional career services available to you as your professional goals and priorities evolve. See the Alumni section for more details.                    

Ross Student Clubs and Organizations

Students engaged in off-campus searches often utilize peer support and networking opportunities via membership in career-focused clubs. Club leaders who organize annual conferences and events interface with high-ranking executives, alumni, and other corporate partners. These relationships often lead to job opportunities down the line.

Alumni Network

As a member of the Michigan Ross community, you now have access to a vast network of more than 50,000 business school alumni whom you can leverage to find employment at many companies beyond those that conduct on-campus hiring. Search the database by name, region, industry, function, and more.

Career Development Office

Career Development Office (CDO) provides students a range of career search services, including individual counseling appointments and numerous workshops each year. The counseling staff offers nearly 3,100 individual counseling appointments each year. Matriculated MSCM students are eligible to begin receiving counseling services the summer before beginning classes.

  • Professional career coaches provide valuable information on various aspects of the job search process as students navigate through their career search, from self-assessment to negotiating an offer. (See the Career Tracker section of this page.)
  • The staff includes 50 second-year MBA students who serve as peer coaches and industry experts as well as informal assistance in the job search process. Peer coaches provide resume review assistance, career search strategies, and mock interviews.
  • Recruiting team members also are available to assist students in developing valuable connections with on-campus recruiters.

Additional Resources

Career-Focused Student Clubs

The majority of our students participate in one or more career-focused clubs within the Michigan Ross community. These clubs provide members with additional opportunities to meet company representatives and alumni, as well as a variety of career events and resources. Students often rely on peer support within clubs when it comes to recruiting, mock interviewing, and networking to secure internships and jobs. 

Kresge Business Administration Library

Kresge’s databases provide essential information to research and target employers. Students may access them upon matriculating at Michigan Ross.

Online Presentations and Resources

CDO provides several online resources that offer a complete education on the effective career search, with such topics as resume writing, industry overviews, and Michigan Ross employment statistics. 

Alumni Contacts

Alumni are enormously helpful in establishing and growing the Michigan Ross network. Before you even step on campus, you are a member of that network. Research the alumni database by name, company, geographic region, industry, function, and more to target potential contacts.