Abrajeedhan R S

With 13 years of work experience – 3 years in Manufacturing and 10 years in the Indian Navy, I wanted to boost my career into the business space with a globally competent MBA program. The most important factor that influenced my decision is the Ross Experiences in Action-Based Learning. After a schooling gap of 13 years, I wanted my MBA education to focus on real world situations and experiential learning. Ross’s learning curriculum involving MAP, the institutes and centers, and clubs, impressed and convinced me on I would get out of my MBA experience. Second, I wanted to include industry exposure concentrating on my post MBA career goal – Operations and Supply chain with emphasis on Sustainability. The Tauber Institute fulfilled exactly that requirement, where I could collaborate with UofM engineering students and get involved directly with the industry. Thirdly, the support I received from the alumni and current students of Univ of Michigan was awe-inspiring and the community was so welcoming. The plethora of leadership opportunities and fun-filled social events additionally contributed towards my decision to attend Ross.

Finally, getting admitted into Ross has given me an opportunity to rejoin my 5 year old daughter and wife, who has been pursuing her PhD at the University of Michigan since 2019. It now feels like a new home, a fresh start and a bright future! Go Blue!