Alex Fitch

Alex Fitch

Class of 2024

Prior to coming to Ross, I followed a path that included tax accounting, federal health consulting, and higher education strategy consulting. I ultimately chose Ross because it would allow me to continue to explore and do so many different things in my two-year hiatus from the working world. What made my final decision to come to Ross easy was how much I enjoyed the people, both prospective students and current students, throughout my admissions process. My career focus while at Ross is gaining experience in the funding space through joining a student-operated investment fund and recruiting for opportunities in the venture capital space. I am happy to speak with prospective candidates about living in the Midwest (which I am so happy to be doing again following a short Atlanta sabbatical), lovely Ann Arbor, and anything else that may be scary about returning to school! The ambassadors I spoke with on my journey were invaluable to me finding the right business school and I hope to do the same for some of you!

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University of Missouri Columbia

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