Arjuna Murthy

Arjuna Murthy

Class of 2018

As a life-long Metro-Detroiter, I have always been attracted to the business world, specifically on how positive organizations can impact the community on both a local and global level. This fueled me with the desire to hopefully one day obtain a leadership position within an organization where positive impact is encouraged. I chose the Ross MBA program, specifically the Weekend MBA program, as it clearly emerged as the best opportunity to simultaneously apply the academic curriculum learned within the classroom to actual work experiences, and vice versa on a daily basis. Within my current organization, I provide M&A advisory services to privately-held businesses; most of which were built from the ground up and are large parts of their community. I hope to join this class of business leaders one day and pursuing my MBA at a world-class institution has provided me with the tools and leadership qualities necessary to be successful in my current capacity and in future endeavors. Not to mention, I get to interact with 95 very interesting classmates, who quickly became my close friends, on a bi-weekly basis and gain the network of the Ross community. I would be delighted to speak with any prospective student that is contemplating on pursuing an MBA and discussing which program might be the best fit for that individual. 

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Michigan State University

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