Ashley Grossman

Like many, the pandemic allowed me to pause and reflect on what I wanted from life. My love of water polo, beyond the sport itself, lay in bringing individuals together to accomplish a shared goal and finding the best way of reaching that goal. While playing and coaching water polo provided these, I realized that I wanted to combine these passions with a career providing a more direct impact to others. Business school would help me accomplish those things while further strengthening my leadership abilities.

In conversations with current students and alums, I learned that Ross is a highly collaborative and supportive community where members push each other to reach their fullest potential. This approach to learning strongly resonated with me as it is the same environment that I have purposefully built in each of my own teams, both in the pool as a professional athlete, and in the office in financial services. I have always appreciated feedback and encouragement from coaches and bosses, but also from teammates and coworkers. A balance of supporting others in their achievements while having the freedom to pursue what I am passionate about is what deeply attracted me to Ross.

Talk to me about having non-traditional background, changing careers, moving from California to the Midwest, sports, and food!