Balaji Asapu

Balaji Asapu

Class of 2024

Juggling a demanding career in the automotive industry with the pursuit of an MBA wasn't exactly easy. But hey, who says you can't hit a sixer after forty?  (Though maybe these days I'll stick to the boardroom!)

Since graduating from Osmania back in 2008, I've worn many hats across three continents – India, Iran, and the US. From procurement to data analytics, I've gained a wealth of experience in various functional areas. But the itch for leadership and a broader strategic perspective kept nagging.

That's where the Ross Weekend MBA program came in. The diverse curriculum, coupled with the flexibility to manage my work schedule, was perfect. More importantly, the in-person discussions – both inside and outside the classroom – were invaluable. Learning from professors and collaborating with a dynamic cohort of peers has been a truly enriching experience.

As a student ambassador, I thrived on helping others navigate the program. Now, as a recent graduate, I'm eager to transition into the Alumni Ambassador role.  My goal is to leverage the network I've built and the knowledge I've gained to give back to the Ross community.

So, if you're a prospective or current student looking for guidance, or even a fellow alumnus wanting to reconnect, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let's chat, share experiences, and help each other on the road to professional success!