Headshot from Ross

Benjamin Kramer

Class of 2024

My MBA Journey started several years before I first set foot in Ann Arbor.  Following graduating from Wake Forest University with a degree in Business & Enterprise Management, I landed in NYC working on the Global Growth team of a large multinational advertising agency. Though I was enjoying my work and gaining valuable experience, I wanted to position myself for the future. I plotted a path forward with a mind toward growing industries into which I could start a long, successful career.

Having chosen a path, I changed roles to have a basis on which to build my narrative and have a leg up in recruiting. As I applied to programs, I had a clear story and could articulate how the MBA would be crucial in my journey. I was fortunate and thrilled to be offered a spot at Ross. All was going according to plan until it wasn't.  

In my first year at Ross, as a part of the MAP program, I got to embed myself in one of the leading companies in my target industry, the type of company I thought I would be thrilled to work at. And I learned an important lesson: I wanted to do something else.  My thesis on business school and my future changed entirely. I pivoted, and because of the Ross network, I connected with people around the country to find the right path for me. I'm now focused on a career in CPG and marketing and am so excited about where the future will take me.  I am happy to answer questions about my path to my MBA, how I chose Ross, or how the Ross network opened doors.