Ross head shot

Campbell Roellig

Class of 2024

Prior to Ross, I worked in Healthcare Investment Banking at Alira Health where I managed early stage and mature Medical Device M&A transactions both in the US and abroad. I certainly grew professionally during my time at Alira Health and received great exposure to the Healthcare sector and private capital markets, but felt like I was being pigeonholed in the Medical Device vertical and wanted to broaden my skillset and explore a career pivot. I came to business school to develop a more professionally and culturally diverse network and to enhance my education and technical skills. Having lived almost my entire life in California and being entirely open to living in different regions across the country, Ross made a lot of sense for me because its network offers a broad reach that you cannot find anywhere else. Also, my undergrad university did not have a football team, and as a massive football fan I was extremely excited to join the Wolverine family. Go Blue!