Class of 2026

Minor: Writing Minor

Hometown: Saugatuck, MI

Hi! My name is Carter and I am a Ross sophomore from Saugatuck Michigan! I loved my first year at Ross, and I am thrilled that you are looking into studying business at U of M! I am exploring the various business offerings afforded by Ross’s Broad Based BBA and delving into Marketing this year. One of my favorite aspects of Ross (there are many favorites) is its faculty! Professors are as eager to connect with students and share their wealth of business knowledge and experiences. In anticipation of the release of his book, For the Culture, I reached out to Dr. Marcus Collins, a marketing professor (who I had never actually met), and asked if I could interview him for my podcast. Dr. Collins graciously accepted, and I learned so much from his stories of education and impressive marketing experience. 

Aside from the connections I made at Campus Days, I did not know any peers from high school who also enrolled in Ross, and to jumpstart the development of my Ross community, I applied to the Living Business Theme Community. Living Business provided me with my best friends and a bounty of memories! The program offers unique Ross experiences, including an event with the Sanger Leadership Center and welcome activities to begin the college adjustment. It was wonderful to bond with passionate business students, and the program quelled any worries I held of becoming immersed in Ross. Fueled by gratitude for my time in Living Business, I will be the RA for the program during the 2023-2024 year, and I cannot wait to welcome the next year of Ross students! 

I am so grateful for my experiences at Ross, and I encourage you to explore everything that the school has to offer! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through email or a drop-in session! Go Blue!

What is your favorite place on campus? It’s close to impossible to think of one place! I love studying at Ross or the Law Quad, particularly the top floors of the Ross or Blau buildings. I would be remiss not to mention the Big House, especially the student section on a Football Saturday, and I also hold a strong affinity for Yost Ice Arena. Whether it’s watching a hockey game or skating there with friends, I always have a blast at Yost! 

Current Involvement: BBA Ambassador, BA 100 Peer Mentor, Business Analyst at Atlas Consulting, Marketing Head at Accelerate Video, Resident Advisor of the Living Business Theme Community 

Past involvement: Welcome Team, Resident of Living Business Theme Community