professional portrait picture of a smiling woman wearing glasses

Chloe Bally

Class of 2024

Hi; one thing recurring about me is that I really enjoy helping people grow, empowering them to break their own glass ceiling.

Originally from the Caribbean, I chose to leave our island to study civil engineering and entrepreneurship in France. My love for math and solving complex problems led me to start my career in financial services - first as an investor (private equity, real estate), building financial models and diving into business models, then as a product manager in the Fintech space. There, I really loved and excelled at collaborating with cross-functional teams and at using large amounts of data to derive crisp insights. After a few years in the Tech industry, witnessing how fast it was being disrupted, I wanted to accelerate my learning and immerse myself closer to innovation and AI experts.

To that end I decided to pursue an MBA, and chose Ross specifically because of their outstanding experimental learning opportunities, its people - the kindest and most collaborative I ever met so far - , and its excellent affiliated centers (Sanger, to hone leadership skills; and ZLI, for product management & entrepreneurship). Outside of school, I am an avid traveler who loves discovering new cultures, and also an unconditional Korean drama fan.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding Ross, personal growth, or anything that might help you advance your career to the next level. Go Blue!