JMB Headshot

Jason Barbier

Class of 2024

I am a Haitian-American, proudly hailing from New York, and I earned my bachelor's degree in Sociology and Economics from Dartmouth College. My journey after undergrad led me to the world of consulting, where I devoted over five years to a diverse array of projects. My work spanned a spectrum, from formulating 5G pricing strategies to orchestrating AI strategy and implementation, and even delving into the realm of classic finance transformation.

My decision to pursue business school stemmed from a desire to shift gears and pivot my career towards tech strategy. What set Ross apart for me was its unwavering commitment to experiential learning, embodied by its action-based curriculum, known as MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects). Through MAP, I had the incredible opportunity to venture to Kenya for two weeks, aiding a healthcare company in crafting a robust go-to-market strategy.

Beyond my academic and professional pursuits, my passions include fitness, sports, wine, and listening to R&B music. I am also an active member of Consortium, MLT (Management Leadership for Tomorrow), and Access. I am a firm believer of paying it forward, so I sincerely hope you accept my open invitation to connect with me. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

~Go Blue~