Jose L Villalba

Jose L Villalba

Class of 2025

I am a passionate and visionary venture capitalist aspirant with over five years of experience in the technology industry. I am driven by a mission to foster economic inclusivity and empower individuals through innovative investments in early-stage companies at the intersection of finance and cutting-edge technology.

I am propelled by a profound mission to foster economic inclusivity by making innovative investments that leave a lasting impact. My investment thesis centers on strategically investing in sectors such as Proptech, Fintech, AI, and related technologies. I envision a future where investment in these sectors will democratize wealth creation and expand access to financial opportunities for underserved communities.

Before venturing into the world of venture capital, I excelled as a strategy consultant at Accenture. In this role, I led market research initiatives and developed growth strategies for various clients within the software industry. I also garnered invaluable experience in financial analysis and investment research during my tenure at the Walt Disney Company and Morgan Stanley.

My passion for social impact is not confined to the boardroom. As a co-founder of an I.T. service company, I demonstrated my entrepreneurial acumen by growing the business from the ground up to serve over 100 customers. This initiative provided affordable and reliable I.T. services to local residential customers and small business owners. Beyond business success, I raised $15k in funding and initiated a recycling program, donating computers to students in need. Furthermore, I have a proven track record of successful investments in Real Estate (multi-families), further showcasing my commitment to making a difference.

As a bilingual Spanish speaker, and a native of Peru, I bring a unique and global perspective to my work. Holding a B.S. degree from Rutgers University, and an MBA fellowship from MLT and The Consortium, I combine my multicultural background with academic excellence to drive innovation and foster diverse connections within the industry.

I am a multifaceted individual with diverse interests. Outside the professional realm, I am deeply passionate about financial literacy, career development, traveling, soccer, and poker. These pursuits enrich my personal life and fuel my innovative approach to venture capitalism.