Maria Viera Photo

Maria Viera Fuentes

Class of 2024

My journey through the healthcare world and later, diving into economics for my second degree, really opened my eyes to how crucial data analysis is everywhere you look. During my time as a dietitian managing hundreds of patients, I often wished I knew a bit of programming as it would have been helpful to spot trends and patterns to refine my strategic process. The leap into data analysis really clicked for me while I was wrapping up my economics degree, it showed me the power of using data to examine the effects of government policies on the economy, such as taxation, interest rates, and monetary policy among others.

Choosing this program, and Ross in particular, felt like hitting the jackpot because of the amazing resources and chances to connect and grow. The Consulting Studio Project is a fantastic opportunity to work closely with sponsors and tackle real-world business challenges under the expert guidance and mentorship of brilliant professors.

The Career Development Office (CDO) has been another cornerstone of my experience. They have been incredibly supportive, keeping me driven and focused during my job search. 

This program is all about learning together with my cohort and getting to know other students in an environment that encourages growth, collaboration, and real-world learning, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!