Miriam photo

Miriam Alexandra Gallardo Peralta

Class of 2024

I was born in Cajamarca, a small city located in northern Peru. I migrated to the capital city at a very young age to pursue my undergrad studies. Upon completing them, I discovered my passion for technology and innovation, and I fell in love with the financial services industry for its impact and purpose in my country. 

Before Ross, I spent almost 7 years working in 3 different Peruvian retail banks, holding various roles. All my roles had in common the use of technology as a catalyst to continue generating a positive impact not only for external customers but also internally. What's most interesting here is that I didn't have a background in technology, but I decided to learn as much as I could to keep adding value and, above all, to keep challenging myself.

I knew that my next academic step would be an MBA to strengthen my knowledge and personal growth further, and since I was young, I wanted to study abroad. So, I embarked on my search for MBA programs with worldwide recognition. The most important criteria for my choice were experiential learning and a strong community. That's how I found Ross, which primarily focused on the criteria I was looking for in its value proposition.

If you are searching for an MBA, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and let's make the Latin American community even stronger.