Mohammed Choudhury

Mohammed Choudhury

Class of 2024

Before coming to Ross, I worked in R&D. My team and I designed a medical device that was approved by the FDA to be used by healthcare providers. After the completion of that project, I found myself in Sales, ultimately marketing and selling the product that I designed. I used the sales experience from that to pivot into the world of Software Sales. I joined a pre-IPO startup located in Austin, TX, working as a Global Account Executive. I sold software licenses to Fortune 500 companies. During my time there, I developed a keen interest in the complex financial deals that we were making. However, due to not having a traditional business background, there was a gap in knowledge. Thus, I decided to pursue a MBA, specifically at Ross. My love for "deal making" empowered me to pivot into a career in Investment Banking.

The Ross community has been extremely supportive during my time here and I hope to be a resource for the next class of prospective Rossers!

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University of Wisconsin, Madison

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