Ning Wang

Ning Wang

Class of 2024

Before Ross, I have 7 years of working experience. I spent the first 3 years as a finance manager for a Fortune 500 company in Africa. For the last 3 years, I worked for a large commercial bank and specialized in helping companies in trouble to reorganize their businesses.

Here at Ross, I want to develop a well-rounded general management skillset. I look forward to being a management consultant after Ross because I want to help companies avoid rather than suffer a distressing situation. Plus, I’ve always been excited about problem-solving, brainstorming with brilliant people, and coming up with insights through solid data analytics and a structured framework. If you are interested in Ross, I am willing to help you learn more. Go Blue!!!

Undergraduate Education

Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Student ambassador
Undergraduate Major
Public Administration
Prior Industry
Finance-Private Equity/Venture Capital
Finance-Corporate Finance