Photo took at Ross back in 2018


Class of 2019

Rong is a Consultant at ZS's Washington, DC office. She is part of the Pipeline and Launch Strategy practice and focus on helping pharmaceutical and life science companies with their early commercialization efforts.

Rong has been involved in various engagements in Corporate Development, Strategy and Business Development, Forecasting, Insights & Analytics, incl. market landscape assessment, commercial due diligence, opportunity assessment, market research, valuation, and asset scanning, etc. She also has experience in disease area strategy and launch excellence.

Outside of her job, Rong likes reading about history and biographies.


Above is my public professional bio. I did not start my career knowing what I wanted to do. In fact, I worked in 3 different funtions in the past 10+ years of my career, R&D, HR and now Consulting. I also didn't plan to come to US in the beginning, but now I've lived in the US since 2017 when I first set foot in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They say if you want to switch career, industry, geography, function, you should only take one because even one is already very hard. Somehow I managed to switch two, though it was not an easy journey. 

I'm open to talk about career switch, expat in consulting, life and challenges from a first generation student to first generation professional.