Sia Karki

Prior to Ross, I worked in corporate and investment banking at J.P. Morgan for four years. My clients were small and mid-cap businesses that lacked easy access to capital markets. To support their growth strategies, I worked closely with client investor teams to craft, market and execute effective capital raising strategies. While I loved my time in investment banking, I wanted to learn how to look at business problems beyond the lens of finance and hone my leadership skills. I wanted to further develop my toolkit by learning in a global, diverse and inclusive environment - all of which I found at Ross! The community at Ross has been warm and welcoming since day 1 (rather since even before I applied to Ross!). Rossers are smart, inquisitive, aware yet humble and collaborative. The action-based programming, diversity of opportunities and support network allows students the flexibility to create their own adventures at Ross. Would love to share my experiences and insights with anyone looking to join our ever-growing community. Feel free to reach out in case of any questions!