Sunhwa Oh_edited

Sunhwa Oh

Class of 2025

Prior to my time at Ross, I worked as a quality assurance engineer in manufacturing companies for 6 years, focusing on batteries for electronic vehicles and high-density circuit film for TVs and mobile screens in Korea. During this time, I collaborated closely with B2B clients, and the majority of my work involved bridging the gap between clients and other engineers. I found great satisfaction in solving complex quality problems through collaboration with various departments. It was during this period that I began to realize my desire to work with a broader range of clients and to tackle challenges within different types of work structures. This realization ultimately motivated me to embark on my MBA journey.

Before applying to Ross, I contacted a Ross ambassador who had a similar manufacturing background in Asia. It was clear that he was dedicated to giving back the support he had received from other members of the Ross community. I also noticed the close-knit nature of the Ross community, which greatly appealed to me. Even after receiving an offer from Ross, I have consistently felt (and continue to feel!) their efforts to welcome and connect both current students and those who have been accepted. Ross genuinely cares about its community members.

Now, as a Ross ambassador, I'm thrilled to pay it forward and contribute to this supportive community. I'm someone who finds energy in meeting new people and genuinely enjoys engaging in conversations and getting to know others. If you have any questions or insights about your future MBA journey, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd be delighted to help.