Advanced Big Data Analytics

Course Code
TO 628

2.25 hours
Graduate Standing, excluding Ross PhD

Advanced Big Data Analytics --- With the ongoing explosion in availability of large and complex business datasets ("Big Data"), Machine Learning ("ML") algorithms are increasingly being used to automate the analytics process and better manage the volume, velocity and variety of Big Data. This course teaches how to apply the growing body of ML algorithms to various Big Data sources in a business context. By the end of this course students will have a better understanding of processes, methodologies and tools used to transform the large amount of business data available into useful information and support business decision making by applying ML algorithms. The focus of the course is less on the technical aspects of ML algorithms and more on the application of ML algorithms to Big Data available in different domain. The course will use R as the primary data analysis platform and Microsoft Azure as cloud platform for execution and deployment of ML projects. Prior experience with R or Microsoft Azure is not required. Students are assumed to be familiar with basic statistics.