American Business Immersion Study

Course Code
BA 325

1 hours
BBA Junior or Senior

American Business Immersion Study --- This course is for Junior and Senior students and is designed to complement the understanding and awareness of the global nature of business gained through core coursework. The course consists of an independent project decided upon by the instructor and student that focuses on: a) The differences in the U.S. job search as compared to the job search in the student's country of origin or; b) The differences in the working U.S. business environment compared to working in the business environment of the student's country of origin. The project is designed to help students reflect on their educational and internship experiences to better prepare them for the full-time job search in the U.S. or in their countries of origin. Students registering for this class must be international students who are required to take the class for their CPT application or U.S. resident students who are undertaking an unpaid internship where the employer requires them to receive academic credit for the internship.