American Business Immersion Study

Course Code
BA 525
1 hours
  • Fall 19
  • Fall 20
  • Spring 19
  • Spring 20
  • Spring/Summer 19
  • Spring/Summer 20
  • Summer 19
  • Summer 20
  • Winter 20
  • Winter 20 (A)
  • Winter 20 (B)
  • Winter 21
  • Winter 21 (B)

American Business Immersion Study --- This course is designed to complement the understanding and awareness of the global nature of business gained through core coursework. The course will explore American culture as it applies to the U.S. job search and working in the U.S. business environment. Students will learn or improve networking, oral and written communication, and interviewing skills as well as other topics relevant to the U.S. job search. Content will be delivered via in-person and online lectures, panels and guest speakers and students will have the opportunity to practice concepts in class. The course will better prepare international students to secure an internship of full-time position in the United States.