Applied Economics

Course Code
BE 300
3 hours
  • Fall 23
  • Spring/Summer 23
  • Winter 23
(BBA sophomore or junior or senior) and ACC 300 and BA 200 and TO 301

Applied Economics --- The development of analytical tools and their application to important economic issues. Refines central concepts concerning competition, economic efficiency and the function of property rights, and discusses the effects of the regulation and the rationale for government intervention in the economy. Other topics include the analysis of capital, uncertainty and monopoly.

Taught By
Tammy Feldman
  • Lecturer of Business Economics and Public Policy
Scott Masten
  • Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Professor Masten's research focuses on issues at the intersection of law, economics, and organization. He has published numerous articles...
Ari Shwayder
  • LEO Lecturer of Business Economics and Public Policy
Ariel (Ari) Shwayder is an economist, strategist, and consultant who has worked with clients and students around the world to help them think...