Artificial Intelligence for Business

Course Code
TO 633

2.25 hours
Graduate Standing

Artificial Intelligence for Business --- We are living in fast changing world. The amount of information we generate, receive and process is increasing at an exponential rate. This information explosion is empowering a wave of smart, automated functionalities broadly called Artificial Intelligence ("AI"). AI allows computers and machines to automate the business logic - to work and react like humans. AI comes with a great promise for individuals, organizations and societies but at the same time there are considerable risks, significant societal implications and ethical dilemmas. This course aims to provide students with a conceptual introduction of AI, a broad understanding of AI's basic techniques, how AI is applied to problems, future applications, of AI, and an awareness of the challenges, risks and ethical considerations of use of AI in business. The course does not require a technical background. Students will be able to connect the conceptual nature of this course with the more technical coverage of AI related material in other TO courses - but they are not expected to be familiar with the technical details of AI as pre-requisites.